Baltimore Penn Station

Address: 1515 N Charles St
Phone: (410) 539-5000
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  • The Baltimore Sun

    What Ed Schrader loves about Baltimore: "It's beautiful. Sometimes I'll get a cup of coffee and do my work there. ... It has this zen quality to it."
  • Pete Sabatini

    Yeah free wifi!
  • Timothy Sheppard,E.S.G.

    the worst penn station ever. The men rest rooms are Terrible, its dark and gloomy...uuggghh, please baltimore cam we do better then this?
  • Amy Webb

    The horrible musak doesn't need to be this loud!!!
  • Timothy Sheppard,E.S.G.

    do something with dirty bathrooms....where's the money going?
  • Katie Rogin

    Look up and see the beautiful stained glass ceiling as you leave!
  • ??De'rick??

    First time catching the MARC Train...I'm sooooo #GEEKED!!! Lolz
  • Jon Lesser

    Dunkin donuts bagels and muffins are half price after 6pm.
  • Pete Sabatini

    The men's room is an abomination.
  • Marcus Clark

    GlaDoS has taken over the automated announcements.
  • Kimani Feaster

    There's now a bar in Penn Station! Stop by for a drink!
  • Timothy Sheppard,E.S.G.

    It has taken years of complaints and madness but folks they are finally remodeling the bathrooms at Baltimore's Penn Station...Shit Fire!! I Happy Day!
  • john mataraza

    $1 long island iced tea at the bar in the station thurs & friday. That is all.
  • Danielle Ricks

    Don't bother trying to board early. You can't get on the trains until others get off.
  • Tim Dedman

    Please walk quietly, you might wake up the attendants! See photo.
  • Denny McFadden

    Welcome to Baltimore! If you're ready for a beer walk over to "The Brewers Art" on Charles St. Best local brews in the city. Enjoy!
  • Bew Radley

    If you're looking for an ATM please know the machine surcharge is 3.00. It's also hidden behind main customer service area.
  • etta y

    Not a lot of dining choices, so don't come an hour early thinking you'll just hang out and have a nice dinner before your trip. (Unless you want Dunkin Donuts for dinner.)
  • Amy Webb

    RE: the Sun's comment about wanting to hang out and do work here. What?!? This place is loud, the personnel are awful and the coffee is worse. Provincial thinking, Sun.
  • Mandy Sellers

    I love Baltimore, but this place is horrible. Cold bathrooms, dirty.
  • Novoa Champion

    XS is a great Italian and sushi restaurant and full bar within walking distance if you do not like the cafe in the station
  • Ted Van Houten

    Spend enough time here, and the voice of the woman who does the morning train announcements will be seared into your memory for eternity.
  • Nour Tabet

    Dunkin donuts coffee: VERY bad idea. No matter how desperate for coffee you are. Don't!
  • Danielle Ricks

    New spring schedule is in effect. More AM and evening trains to Union Station. Very happy about this!
  • Amnesty International Baltimore

    Everyone has the right to freedom of movement and residence within the borders of each state.
  • Errol A. Adams, J.D., M.L.S.

    There are no maps for the MARC system...
  • Chef Pants

    Finally finished new renovations on the bathrooms! Now we can have a decent potty....
  • Sam Kahl

    Trust me, you do not want to go near the restrooms. If you'll be stopping at Union Station in DC, you'll thank yourself for holding it.
  • Joy Murphy

    If you have extra time, get on an earlier train
  • Loren Baker

    Get your shoes shined! Only $6 and the guy is amazing!
  • Rico Jones

    Going to dunkin donuts
  • Brad Ranno

    The dunkin donuts doesn't do breakfast sandwiches. You have to go to Java moon for that.
  • Jo Yun

    Needs recycling bins.
  • Jahn Quest

    Can't make to caribou or starbucks!?!? that's ok... Dunkin Donuts has rockin coffee!!!!
  • Tha TRUE Original Gata

    I love this station. The people are very nice
  • Healthy Teen Network

    Say Hello! If you ever find yourself here just cross the street to Railway Lofts and visit us!
  • National Museum of American History Smithsonian Institution

    Visiting this train station with kids? Make the most of your trip with a guide to exploring train stations (on page 6):
  • Hayley Plack

    Don't forgot to look up when you walk in the lobby to see the pretty stained glass ceiling
  • Julie Spokus

    People, drop off is the right lane. Get into it to drop off. The left lane is how you get to the garage. When you drop off from the left lane, you make the rest of us miss our train! That's rude!
  • CITYPEEK Patti

    Take the free Circulator bus back downtown! Ahhh city life!
  • Kevin McClave

    Yep, the men's restroom never fails to disgust. Tip? Don't eat or drink within several hours of your arrival.
  • AK Minnick

    What goes on in Baltimore stays in Baltimore.
  • Jessica Goon

    The train station in Baltimore is a very cheap cab ride ($5) or reasonable 8 block walk to the hotel. The trip takes just under 3 hours from New York!
  • Emmanuel A.

    Great place to just sit and read...get on a laptop w/free wifi- and like other tipsters mentioned it before mens bathroom is absolutely disgusting-
  • Mario Armstrong

    They have NEW bathrooms now! Much, much cleaner!
  • Scott Kidder

    They finally replaced the bathrooms!
  • Justin Henderson

    Herc made his abortive arrest of Marlo, in The Wire.
  • Bala Subramanian

    Restrooms cleanliness not best
  • Keyone' Swain

    Hit da Java Moon Cafe...u will get lifw at da bar!
  • Mike Wilson

    I don't leave tips for tourists
  • Ashley D.

    The woman who announces the rush hour weekday schedules sounds exactly like Lynn from Bob's Burgers.
  • David Bouchard

    The light rail stops here. This particular line goes between Penn Station and Camden Yards.
  • LifeLock

    When using public WiFi, consider logging in using a VPN (virtual private network). If you do not have a VPN, one can be purchased for about $10 a month. Thats practically the price of one coffee.
  • Robbie Roemer

    Everything about this station is awesome. Except the restroom. Only speaking for the men's though. Dollar long island iced teas at the bar is over as well...Bring it back!!
  • Glen Gilmore

    Nice staff at Amtrak window.
  • Clyde Tressler

    Guantanamo can't be worse than the men's room here.
  • Stephanie Sawchenko

    So easy to get in and out of this station. Ridiculously easy parking. Easiest to use train station in the mid Atlantic. Bathrooms need improvement though.
  • Amy Webb

    I truly loathe this station. Staff are unforgivably rude.
  • Jocelyn Pollard

    The java moon cafe has horrible coffee but amazing tea!!
  • Kevin McClave

    As others have mentioned, the men's room is disgusting. You should only enter and plan to stay as long as you can hold your breath. On the upside, Dunkin Donuts and free WiFi.
  • Nakia H

    Paltry food options.
  • Alexis Morris

    The music is so bad....
  • nichole blue

    I am glad to know they have free wi fi sweet
  • Carol O

    Restrooms are disgusting....avoid if you can.
  • nichole blue

    The ladies bathroom is gross
  • Dee Blair

    Barely any food options. If coming from ny, get food there and bring with you
  • Rachel Awkward

    On the wknds, there is parking for just $2 in the lot behind the station!!
  • Janet Popoola

    Stay clear of the ladies bathroom, its nasty!!!
  • Stephen Best

    Bud Light is $3.18 at the bar. Yes, exactly $3.18.
  • Curt Jacques

    Credit card machines for parking are broken - carry cash or ask them to bill you
  • Obsidian Black

    This place is awful.
  • Creative Move

    Art Scape is currently underway. Expect delays and road blocks between now and Sunday
  • Michelle Ferng

    Hard boiled eggs + mustard at Java moon cafe make for a cheap and filling snack on the go.
  • Ag Nes

    just beautiful! It gives u that 40s feel luvit!!!
  • Nicole Cuellar

    Cab line can get out of control. Download the free Uber app and use promo code FanFest for a first ride free up to $20. Your driver will arrive in minutes and get you wherever you want to go!
  • Tiago Rodrigues

    Nice cofee
  • Aaron Watford

    Go around the corner from dunkin donuts to Java Moon have the grilled chicken sandwich and a blue moon.
  • Rob Pegoraro

    You can find a couple of power outlets in the Amtrak customer-service room.
  • John P.

    This city looks like a third world country.
  • Chris Moore

    New bathrooms
  • Gloria A

    Nice and simple train station.
  • Cindy Robbins

    Mini Scranton Station!
  • Mike O'Dea

    get rolled for your smartphone!
  • Candace Elisabeth

    Temporary Restrooms are outside. Not too bad. Glorified outhouses but not smelly. Just very small and difficult to enter, exit, and maneuver wl luggage. Accessible portopotty without stairs available.
  • Sue C

    Artwork at Penn Station
  • Gloria A

    Baltimore Penn station has become more beautiful over the years. It's very safe !
  • Max Weselcouch

    you should be following @manwomanstatue
  • Laura Albero

    Try the trains!
  • Jimmy Heyworth

    Stay away from Dunkin Donuts! Newsstand isn't any better. Just get your ticket, enjoy the scenery, and get the hell outta there!
  • Rachel McCoy

    Great Ticket Agents...What's Up Mike, Sharon, Stacey, James, Adam & Melvin.... :-)
  • Mary Joy

    Marc tickets is a self service^_^ need a card for it
  • Jenna O'Connor

    The parking lot is always full by morning rush hour, but not to worry, there is a surface lot just behind the station that is actually cheaper!
  • Aaron Parker

    Coffee at Java Moon was fine. Good place to wait your train.
  • Matthew Chung

    It's Friday night and there actually is lots of people in the Java Moon bar.
  • Timothy Rowan

    It's Baltimore. What do you expect?
  • Freddy Walley

    NE regional delay again as always.
  • ??????? ????????????

    Awesome station, very clean...
  • Joy Murphy

    Try a Gatorade... Mmmmmm
  • Sam Polonsky

    The Dunkin Donuts isn't open late enough. It was closed when I got to the station at 7:45.
  • Terry

    Just passing buy. But when I have been inside the station, it has always been a pleasant time.
  • Jennifer

    Beware, the dunkin donuts does not accept the dunkin donuts gift card . Shame on them!
  • Paul Martin

    Arrogant Bastard Ale on tap for cheap @ Java Moon Cafe
  • Ezri Ben

    They had technical problems with power source!
  • Mercedes Unfried

    If it's freezing wait inside until you hear the train.
  • Barry Williams

    Restrooms are nasty.
  • Andrew Gates

    Only reason to come to the station is to pass through on your train. I would never get out here. Baltimore is the Detroit of the east coast
  • Mya M

    Small, but overall I like it. They have Friendly people, upbeat jazz playing through speakers, automated announcements and free wi-fi! Just don't come too early, there isn't much to do here.
  • Vince Lamartina

    Try the Naked Juice - No time for lunch, a naked "Power C Machine" juice and a cheese stick will have to do #starving #NeedRealFood
  • Brian Glick

    Don't get here too early. The most uncomfortable benches on the Northeast Corridor.
  • nick pancorvo

    Turn back.
  • STrRedWolf

    New BLUE schedules for MARC PENN line out, effective Jan 23, 2012!
  • Douglas Wills Sr

    Watch the steps
  • Gareth Evans

    Watch out for surprise time changes. The 745 is the 740 at the moment. Subject to unannounced changes.
  • Bekah M.

    Free wifi, but no outlets. And don't try to use the bathroom after 9 pm or so; apparently the bathrooms get locked up.
  • Lisa Andrews

    Smelly benches but it's still a very pretty building. Good security.
  • James MacArthur

    With a sizeable train police contingency always present here, you're sure to be in good hands.
  • Jon Darveau

    Not much going on here, relatively small station with only a couple shops. Pretty basic, gets the job done but dont expect a full service station
  • Amtrak

    Save up to 25% on Northeast Regional just for booking 2 weeks early!
  • MP Gay

    Awesome trash cans
  • Derrick Jones

    Waiting on the train to DC....just saw a parent negotiate with their child on dinner and potato chips. This is what's wrong with the world!!!!!!
  • Diana Bless

    Outlets are in the alcove with the broken water fountains. In case u need to charge your phone(like me) =)
  • Kevin N

    Don't take the train tonight. Power is down. At least 6 trains are stuck on the northeast corridor.
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