Baltimore / Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport (BWI)

Address: 7062 Elm Rd.
Phone: (410) 859-7111
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  • Gadling

    This airport has more charging stations than any I've ever visited. Huzzah!
  • Elliott Plack

    arrive early
  • Len Silber

    Don't fear the bathrooms, they are super clean.
  • Willy

    Thanks, Southwest, for the numerous charging stations!
  • Steve Taylor

    One of the easiest airports to get in, out, and on your way!
  • Alex Bowman

    Even if you're flying out of A, go through the B security. It's always shorter and faster.
  • American Express

    Amex Platinum Cardmembers get access to the AirSpace Lounge in Terminal D; membership has its privileges!
  • James Riley

    Always know that Delta will find a way to screw up your flight!
  • Shishir S

    Baggage takes forever to reach the baggage claim area...
  • LS Parks

    Baltimore International Airport. Don't let the long security lines fool you. They move pretty fast!
  • Aaron Wright

    Cell service is horrible in baggage claim. Try to arrange your pickup before you go down there.
  • Eater

    Top Dining Options: Obrycki's Restaurant & Bar in Concourse B; Vino Volo Wine Bar in Concourse A; California Tortilla and DuClaw Brewing Company in Concourses A/B; The Greene Turtle in Concourse D.
  • Andrew Harrison

    Get the TSA baggage handler badge by having "TSA" in your shout out and checkin at an airport
  • Victor Hopkins

    Fly southwest its the best :)
  • Tatum Vayavananda

    If you're an evening arrival, have your people pick you up upstairs at departures; Few are there that late and no one is hassling you to move your car and it's much easier to spot your pick up.
  • Adam Klein

    Elect for the full body scan at security. The line is ridiculously short.
  • Girish Warrier

    One of the best small Amtrak train stations...close the airport and on-time trains...
  • NPR

    Welcome to Baltimore! If you want to listen to the local NPR station, turn your dial to FM 88.9 (WEAA) or FM 88.1 (WYPR). Enjoy your trip.
  • Jonathan Smith

    Turn off your phone!
  • Earl Gray III

    Have a good flight, and remember, don't be -that- guy in line!
  • Taylor Michie

    Terminals A and B are connected, so you can use whichever security line is shorter. Also, if flying Southwest, use the curbside checkin. It's always shorter than going inside.
  • David Bowser

    Cell phone lot for picking up passengers is a great idea.
  • Joey Benavides

    If your gate is in the D36-47 area, be sure to hike in whatever refreshments and such with you...kinda isolated out here.
  • Amnesty International Baltimore

    Everyone has the right to freedom of movement and residence within the borders of each state.
  • michael simmons

    Green turtle in D concourse is a good place to catch sports.
  • Scott Zumwalt

    Way to pick the worst airport to fly out of. Nice job!
  • Adam Nicholas Burke

    Fastest security checkpoints of any airport I have ever been to. No stress. Keep up the great work, BWI!
  • Steve Hall

    Make sure you buy something at the Godiva stand in the food court. Delicious!
  • Robbie Roemer

    Get drunk at Rams Head and make up a story to the bartender about your gf leaving and you traveling the world looking for exotic spices. This is how I know its you...
  • Kimberly Scott

    Saturday morning travel is very easy and quick, getting through security as long as your are not checking any bags!
  • Heather Barmore

    Vino Volo in the A concourse is the best thing going. Try a flight of wine for $12.
  • Hayward Howard

    Your good as long as you fly Southwest. Good luck with all other airlines. Baggage claim here is the slowest in America. Use FastPark for off-site parking. They are the best.
  • DJ Ken Rochon

    Highly recommend you take an airplane ride here. A lot of fun!
  • David Almacy

    Big fan of the daily parking garage here complete with digital signs indicating number of open spaces per level.
  • Eric Martinez

    Head over to the southwest gates for comfy leather club chairs and charging stations. Good Stuff!
  • Jessica Chao

    If u park at the long term lot, it is very convenient and only 8 per day? The shuttle comes every 10_15mins during rush hour
  • Karen Philip

    Vino Volo has outlets at every wall table, and yummy Brie and prosciutto sandwiches...
  • Latise

    Slowest baggage claim ever!
  • Jeremy Dykes

    No free WiFi?? REALLY???
  • Jennifer S

    Don't get coffee at the place near gates A. Go to starbucks near B.
  • Calvin Williams

    If you are flying with AirTran and checking two bags... Pay for Business class cost $9 more but you get more leg room, snacks + more
  • Karol Martnez

    There's a new security checkpoint downstairs in A gate. Usually not many people down there (since many people don't know about it).
  • Dianne Rosario

    It's all about the terminal at BWI. Southwest terminal rocks while D terminal (airtran, us airways etc) is a notch above the 7th layer of he'll. Just sayin.
  • Jared Katuszonek

    Off to the home of the cheeseheads!!!
  • Jeff Dickens

    If you're flying Delta, make sure to try the cookies- outstanding!
  • michael simmons

    There is a poorly marked priority security line for high status flyers
  • Todd Shellock

    The best option for those in the York, Pa. area.
  • DJ Ken Rochon

    Great place to take a flight somewhere!
  • Ann Handley

    Why does security take so long here? Here's my tip: plan on extra time.
  • Sandy Rich

    Wifi is expensive and slow!
  • Bryan Schell

    Public transportation to DC shuts down around 11pm, so beware!
  • Jay Thompson

    Here for NAR Midyear? Hopefully you packed a spare liver...
  • Lana Rae

    Pretty soon Airtran will have a fee to breathe the air inside the plane. Fees R' Us. Lol
  • Alecsandra Roe

    Fly Southwest, the gates have really nice leather seats and lots of charging stations and the staff are all really funny
  • Soulfull

    Travel with an Apple iPad and avoid all the laptop hoopla at Security!
  • Jamie L

    Cubano at Mayorga Coffee is a special treat.
  • Raymond Embry

    Be gay and merry. Cheers
  • Van

    The downstairs security line at the A/B concourse is way faster than upstairs!
  • Robbie Roemer

    The one place where its not weird to sit and drink/eat by yourself.
  • John McCann

    Don't fly during a blizzard. Just don't.
  • Daniel Scheiner

    No free wifi!!! :(
  • Susan M

    There is a Potbelly's near C12. It's not on the map.
  • Heather Barmore

    You cab use your Southwest A-list card and breeze through security.
  • latino DC

    New security area will be ready in early 2013 to connect gates A B and C
  • Vila-Sheree Watson

    If you're flying Southwest use the downstairs security near the baggage claim. Much faster.
  • Leon Thomas

    Starbucks and Duncan Donuts are both located on pier B near gate 7 100 yards apart
  • Elliott Plack

    Must leave the airport to smoke
  • Steve Mas

    Use the express exits on the left side of the road after picking someone up.
  • EstE

    Get early to airport ppl tend to crowd. Flights are usually full n gates r saturaded
  • Mike Fickett

    D terminal has the worst power outlets.
  • Mikel Fitterman

    The observation deck between B and C terminals is a great place to relax (but is outside security).
  • Zhiwen Yu

  • Elaine Poe

    Best kept secret @ BWI? Concourse A TSA screen on the lower level near bag claim. Zero, I mean ZERO line. Incredible.
  • david helmreich

    Don't ever fly Southwest Airlines out of here. Actually - just never fly Southwest.
  • Chris Capaccio

    Confucius (or Nirvana) say, "I can't complain."
  • David Armano

    You can get to DC by car from here. But not during rush hour.
  • Jeffrey-Ryan B.

    Enjoy the easy access to Acela to Washington DC (if diverted from Dulles)
  • Abbas Haider Ali

    TSA is checking boarding passes twice again - as you enter security line and just before X-ray / metal detectors. Keep your docs handy and don't put them through the machine.
  • M K

    I get why it's called "Daily" now.. It takes all day to get there on the shuttle.
  • Richard Scott

    A call from #B6 would've been nice.
  • Richard Madow

    Silver Diner is the best breakfast stop at BWI by far. It's right near the entrance to the B gates.
  • Visit Philly

    Hey traveler: thinking about your next trip but want to cut down on airport hassle? Philadelphias just a direct flight away from Baltimore Airport.
  • Mac McDonald

    John C has got to shit on everyone's parade...
  • Sandy Rich

    Subway in B concourse is staffed by a bunch of A-holes.
  • Vivek Surti

    A-B terminal is great - so many fun charging stationa
  • Ramsey Mohsen

    Welcome to Baltimore. Kinda blah airport.
  • Dave Garcia

    When you see the sign that says "you are 1 minute from security", you are 15 minutes from the security EXIT.
  • Abby Hopkins

    Vollo vino. Wine tasting and an awesome cheese platter. Didn't feel like i was in an airport. Really nice BWI. stay classy
  • Nick Patrick

    Proceed to Concourse B. Find Obrycki's. Eat a crab cake. Fly happy.
  • William Archer

    Isaiah at south west airlines is a mega babe. And he's single, ladies.
  • Hindmarsh Finance

    Washington... our Home Town! Enjoy!
  • Matt Grandstaff

    They have Arby's
  • Will Robinson

    Status board for MARC and AMTRAK between baggage 12 and 13. Check train status before you get on Shuttle
  • Bryan Meckley

    Great lounge in JetBlue terminal (Terminal D). Tough to find - keep walking past Green Turtle and the unassuming door is just after Dunkin. Platinum AMEX gets you in for free.
  • Meg K.

    This place is terrible. TSA is incompetent. Avoid at all costs
  • Daniel Tewfik

    Ah Baltimore. While you wait on the runway, read this infographic on why you have to turn off your electronics during takeoff and landing (Read it before you stow your device away!).
  • Henry Plumley

    If you fly Southwest or AiirTran there is a TSA screening area downstairs in baggage claim 1 EMPTY!
  • Raymond Embry

    Ride MARC during the week but beware Amtrak is the only train to DC on the weekend.
  • Sarah Vining

    Thursday AM is a good day to fly to/from BWI. Cheaper and not as busy!
  • Ruth Bowman

    Even though the security line wrapped through the airport, we only waited 15 minutes to get through. They were pretty efficient.
  • Rex Hammock

    There are nice chairs with plenty of outlets at the Southwest gates 10-11.
  • Charlie McRae

    Hi Amanda <3
  • Artistic Hustle

    If you're departing from here (or any airport) don't bring carry-on water bottles or baby oil/mineral oil.
  • Ralph Walton

    Rude staff prevails!
  • Karyn Hausknecht-Yetman

    Obrycki's has pretty decent crab cakes and a quiet bar for a friday night
  • Stephen Colella

    Free phone charging stations in baggage claim. Charge while u wait
  • Fred Coleman

    Love the free WiFi.
  • Zhiwen Yu

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  • Drew McLellan

    If you're a United flier, there's no club at this airport. Tough to find outlets and work space so grab one if you see it!
  • Stanley J. Taylor, Jr.

    The downstairs Southwest security checkpoint is closed for construction. Get here early.
  • Jennifer Taylor

    Thinking about moving to MD or D.C.? Get pre-approved for a loan at Movement Mortgage. They're the best mortgage company in the area! (877) 314-1499.
  • Charlie Judy

    I'm pretty sure the rental car facility is in another State...if not country.
  • Bill Campbell

    The Security Theatre Troupe is excellent! Saw a couple of new skits.
  • Alfred Lewers Jr

    Southwest is great. We got here 14 minutes early. The pilot said "The next time we're late, we'll call it even."
  • Gina Bamonti

    Your flight will never leave on time.
  • Seth Campbell

    For southwest or AirTran flights go through security downstairs. Little known, small lines, moves fast.
  • Jason Shafer

    For free wifi, sit by McDonald's near gate D20
  • ishana trueblood

    good luck getting there adam
  • ishana trueblood

    omg your leaving ohio?
  • Jim

    If you're flying Southwest or AirTran put of Terminal A/B, there's a second, waaaay less crowded security line near Baggage Carousel 1.
  • Michelle Marcarelli

    AirTran/Southwest now have a security station on the bottom floor (where baggage claim is.) Skip the long lines upstairs!
  • Nirasha Jaganath

    No free wifi but if you are near mcD then grab theirs attwifi
  • Drew Granucci

    For Southwest, new security check downstairs near baggage claim is a hidden secret!! No lines at all.
  • Ed Illig

    Wear slip-on shoes and no belt. :)
  • Jengirlie

  • Kat Fischer

    Southwest is so friendly! I want to be on their show Airline!
  • Justin Miller

    Concourse D men's room is second to none I enjoyed the low lighting and seat warmer!
  • Lorraine Schuchart

    Stop by Phillips for a crab cake during a layover.
  • Charlie Riley

    You should be wearing Under Armour, everyone else is
  • Brooke goldstein

    Skip the security lines if in business class! Shorter wait and zip right through!
  • Sue Viens

    Check out the Baltimore smoke stack while your in town. It does not disappoint.
  • jon m

    Full body scans involve electively irradiating yourself. No amount of travel expediency is worth that.
  • Airport Parking Connection

    Get the discounted rates online at, use code "TWITTER" for an extra 10% off a parking reservation!
  • Bree Boehlke

    I always love the fresh flowers in the bathroom!
  • Mark Little

    Take a shower before your flight.
  • Jen G

    Hooray for free wifis at McDonalds in D Terminal.
  • Taylor Michie

    Easy come, easy go. Simply the easiest airport to get in and out of in the DC area
  • jordan dossett

    if you have bags to check, pay your fee online and save time by using outdoor skycap. Tip em $2 bucks to be nice.
  • Jack Wang

    Get a pint at the Greene Turtle before your flight!
  • Agustin L.

    Decent airport......been there 4 times this year
  • L D

    Welcome home!
  • Janee Pelletier

    great milkshakes at Silver Diner just past B Security. Ask for a small (only two bucks).
  • SR

    Where is the Red Carpet Club?
  • Jim Stein

    The McDonalds on the a/b concourse charges for ketchup/syrup. Just a heads up. They're like the soup Nazis.
  • Tony Deifell

  • jenn k.

    At just $10/day, the Express lot is now cheaper than Daily - and faster!
  • Brian Morales

    Airport has an observation gallery. Great for kids.
  • Aswin Mathew

    Security Gate C is the fastest and it connects to Terminals A and B as well.
  • Scott Z

    If you have time to kill before your flight, in the evening between 8:30-9pm head down towards A-10, A-11 to watch the sunset
  • Ugur Gulcur

    Be on time
  • Joel M

    To maximize your free airfare, free hotel stays, or cash back for your regular spending, try out the credit card rewards calculator at
  • MisterEastlake

    Really clean bathrooms! They even have freshly cut flowers in the men's room!
  • George Trantas

    Go to security at terminal C for a VERY SHORT LINE. This has access to terminal A and B
  • Thea Lenna

    Despite intimidatingly long security lines, got through the Concourse D TSA line in about 25 minutes.
  • Matt Velazquez

    Airport police drive black SUVs and have no problem pulling people over for speeding in the arrival/departure areas. Just watched two people get tagged.
  • Calvin Metcalf

    Security checkpoint line is an unmitigated shit show.
  • Damola @djdonx

    Heads up. It's $5 for a cart!!
  • Elise Carey

    Beware the mansplaining TSA agents. Don't ask questions!
  • Lance Buchanan

    If you're stuck for the night, McDonald's is the first place to open at 04:30... Hope you're not looking for any soda machines while you wait all night!
  • kdubhimself

    Welcome to Bodymore Murdaland from the Wire!
  • Ian

    STOP! If flying SW don't get in A gate checkpoint line before looking at B and C. They're MUCH faster! TSA/SW doesn't tell anyone they exist and you'll wait an hour in the A gate line.
  • Zhiwen Yu

    ??( ? ` )??????????????????????
  • Mitchell Vruggink

    Try the airplanes!
  • James Turner

    I love hanging out downtown DC NW.
  • Cecelia H.

    Do NOT fly with DELTA!!!!
  • Bahaa ????

    The longest line that i've ever seen !!!
  • Bahaa ????

    It is too crowded , but you can pay for the employee line it's ganna be super fast
  • Drew McLellan

    Flying out of the D concourse? For $20 you can go into the Airspace lounge (free for some Amex customers) and charge up, eat, hop on their free wifi etc.
  • Brad Thompson

    Find the Premier line to avoid a long security wait.
  • Dave Crook

    Security lines can be long, but actually move daily quickly. Also, tip your TSA agents...that goes over well!
  • Ilana Leykekhman

    This airport sucks. Can't get food or water after 8pm. Everything is closed. Also, almost no plugs.
  • Ben Hogan

    Keep your boarding passes out, remove your computer from your bag and take your shoes and jacket off. Come on people...
  • Todd Patton

    Stop by Duclaw and support a local brewery.
  • Linda Dowell

    One of the best and easiest airport to fly in and out of.
  • rob damiani

    Plenty of charging stations in terminal b.
  • Brian H

    If you aren't TSA Precheck approved, I recommend signing up. It's wonderful! Bypass the lines, leave your belt and shoes it!
  • Melissa Kopka

    No charging station AT ALL in the D terminal (Delta) -- there aren't even any plug ins!
  • Tolu F

    Free wifi!!!
  • Yolanda De Prado-Slack

    Jamba Juice isn't as good as it looks/sounds... Also, someone get an indoor smoking room in this joint!
  • Joseph Warfield

    Avoid long lines: Use Security Check by baggage claim
  • Heather M.

    Don't forget SW and Air Tran have a security line downstairs if upstairs us busy!
  • rob johnson

    Taking the Light Rail? The ticket machine animation for inserting your credit card is opposite from the direction the card reader takes.
  • Sebastian Sanchez

    It's always better to try to book early flights... Less chances for delays/cancellations!
  • Resolute Prince

    One of the easiest airports to navigate.
  • Cosmo Clemens

    The Internet consistently sucks, but it's cool yo. Verizon seems to also dislike the area.
  • Nicole Nash

    Pack efficiently! Make your laptop, toiletries, and shoes easy to remove so security keeps moving. Your fellow travelers will thank you!
  • Bryan A

    Flying Southwest? Use the security checkpoint in baggage claim-almost nobody down there!
  • Ryan Dawidjan

    Be sure to get an airplane with two wings and you'll be good.
  • Julie Del Cueto

    Skip the bar at Silver Diner, the smell is pretty bad. Yucky bar mats.
  • Vila-Sheree Watson

    Check in to security downstairs adjacent to the baggage claim...much faster.
  • Karan Arora

    Leave early from home if you're conjbg from DC. The traffic can be pretty bad!
  • Frank G

    Busy at security take your time here
  • Evan Kirkendall

    Delta had great founders, C.E. Woolman.
  • Chris Q.

    If you're traveling Southwest, be prepared to get your luggage back scratched and banged up
  • Jacqueline Lemon-Denton

    Fresh carnations in the restroom.....
  • Graham Campbell

    No wait at D chkpoint
  • Huff

    Fuck this place
  • Alex Krupey

    Wait in line to be groped by your government! 4th amendment free zone!
  • Benjamin Corb

    If you fly Southwest, pre-print your boarding pass and avoid the lines.
  • John Rudasill

    Tsa sucks and we allow it
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