Inner Harbor

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  • Shannon Murphy

    Walk the Inner Harbor on a nice day and watch the open forum performers. They're histerical. See if you can be the brunt of their jokes.
  • Pepsi

    Check out the Water Taxi, which takes your you straight to the dock of all of your favorites Inner Harbor attractions.
  • Baltimore

    Voted Best Place to take out of town Visitors and 2nd Best Attraction by City Paper Readers for Best of Baltimore 2011
  • Michael Moriarty

    Take the time to go to the top of Federal Hill Park.Walk past the Science Center, cross Key Highway and walk towards the Hill. Turn R on Battery and the steps are on the left. AHHHHHH- enjoy the view
  • pat dowling

    Great place to walk, lots of restaurants, water taxi, near baseball and football stadiums, its downtown in Baltimore so accessible to many things. Lots to see and do!
  • Maryland

    The perfect place to bring out-of-towners: a little bit of history, lots of shopping, great food, attractions and award winning parks.
  • CITYPEEK Patti

    On a hot day there's cool things to do like Aquarium, Science Center or Seadog boat ride-then head to Phillips for crabcakes !
  • CITYPEEK Patti

    Gorgeous Inner Harbor view all over!
  • Lauren Scime

    Walk around and take in the pretty scenery and check out the old ships - they're pretty cool. Then have lunch or dinner at any on of the sea food restaurants along the harbor.
  • @followfrannie Baltimore

    Home of Superbowl Champions Baltimore Ravens!
  • The City That Breeds

    Go for a swim and get Pfiesteria!
  • Charm City Circulator

    The Inner Harbor offers a variety of dining, shopping, and cultural experiences. Just take the Purple or Orange Route to one of the many stops to begin exploring.
  • jasmine

    Look for live music shows right on the water
  • biz man

    Pick a good day and go to the top of Federal Hill Park. Incredible view and relaxing!
  • Amanda Palmer

    People watching is the best part. Especially the runners!
  • 'Tunde Frills

    Really fun place to hangout
  • Jim McCartin

    Say hi to us friendly Police on the bikes.
  • Amnesty International Baltimore

    While many are shopping, workers from across the harbor, including the Cheesecake Factory, Hooters and Tir Na Nog are organizing holiday actions to educate consumers on wage theft.
  • ian

    Try planking the pilings.
  • Ward Steensels

    Get the 4sq Charm City badge!
  • Andrew Rose

    Awesome people watching.
  • ? ?Desi Stine? ?

    Absolutely beautiful area. A must go whenin city and yse the light rail to avoid parking worries
  • Tatou Dembele

    go there! stay and chill there for at least 2 good hours :) this view is :O !
  • Carrie J

    Something for everyone to enjoy here. Best light for pics on the water is dawn and dusk.
  • Rachelle Matthews

    Gets rowdy w/ locals during major events. Plan for traffic almost always while roads are being worked on.
  • Psycho Mike

    This venue helps unlock several badges. Make sure you're following several brands including Pepsi and check in!
  • Nikki Robak

    Evan Young's shows are hi-larious! Check him out.
  • Amnesty International Baltimore

    Look at the people working in and around the harbor and those on respite from labor. Remember: "Everyone has the right to work, to free choice of employment, to just and favourable conditions of wor
  • vitaminwater

    charm city is so, well charming this time of year. look out for your friendly neighborhood hydrators 5/10 for unexpected awesome.
  • Baby Tamba

    Always love the harbor, shops and restaurants. Great place to chill at any season.
  • Bew Radley

    Check out Santa's House and Power Plant Light Show!
  • Colleen

    Stop by Rita's for a free sample.
  • ? ?Desi Stine? ?

    So much here to see and do. There is something for anyone and all ages. The Harbor is beautiful to just walk around n observe the sunset. Plenty of restaurants, bars, clubs, educational pl etc
  • Kayla Judkins

    Spend a few nights here. The people are super nice! Visit the Hard Rock Cafe, Bubba Gump Shrimp Co and Five Guys Burgers!
  • David Bouchard

    There are many public transit options to get into and out of the Harbor.
  • Royal Farms

    If you are in the local buildings and get a chance to check out the view from high up, bring your camera. Beautiful from all angles.
  • John Rudasill

    Watch out for large flash mobs that steal and assault. The city is in denial. Harm City!
  • Rose Werkeiser

    Check out the large selections of Museums while your there. And plan ahead for Hotel bookings close to the harbor.
  • Cindy Minion

    Walked thru the Christmas village. It's nice and I'll be back :)
  • Sam Suen

    Great shopping area for any group of people. There is also ferry rides, a National Aquarium, great eateries, as well as the whole city of Baltimore extremely accessible. Great water scenery.
  • Stephon Burrell

    Awesome place to be.
  • Kristen Sweeney

    There's so much to do in Baltimore, and it's an easy day trip from Philly. A stroll around the Inner Harbor is worth the trip itself!
  • Baldwin De La Cruz

    Great place to have a nice walk and beer !!
  • Baltimore

    Voted Best City Improvement by City Paper Readers for Best of Baltimore 2012
  • Jack Parrott

    The crabs here are incredible. Tough to get rid of if you know what I mean!
  • Coco Tero

    More awesome than ever.
  • OurTripVideos

    Dragon Boat Races at Inner Harbor, Baltimore, MD, US - Pictures
  • Kitty Kate

    Always teeming with people, this really is one of the prettiest places in Baltimore. Eat at one of the many restaurants, or grab something quick & sit by the water
  • OurTripVideos

    Yoga at the Inner Harbor, Baltimore, MD, US - Pictures
  • OurTripVideos

    A Morning at the Inner Harbor, Baltimore, MD, US - Pictures
  • Carrie J

    Shh! Not well known:, awesome view, great service and food at the upstairs, outdoor patio for Irish Restaurant: Tir NaNog
  • Kristen Lewis

    Walk around the corner past the aquarium for ships with shorter lines
  • A Chronic Complainer

  • OurTripVideos

    Inner Harbor(Surrounding area/Skyline) - Pictures
  • OurTripVideos

    Inner Harbor(Night Time) - Pictures
  • OurTripVideos

    Santa Arrival and Holiday Lantern Parade - Pictures
  • Rob Bennett

    Don't forget to visit Santa.
  • Kristin

    Great people watching!
  • Bew Radley

    Hit M&S Grill for Happy Hour 330-700
  • Ricardo Vaughn

    hey peoples
  • Travis Ward

    Partied hard at the cheesecake Factory
  • Alicia Floyd

    Awesome location. Find many things to do here
  • Alissa

    Love the Harbor
  • Jafar Miller

    Its only 6 am amd already hot, the fountain in the inner harbor is a good place to hangout, because your allowed to play in it, and federal hill has nice shade, and a breeze that blows when your highe
  • Amanda Karfakis

    Ride the bike lane. The lane itself is fairly short, but there are paved walking/bike paths that wrap all the way around the Harbor, starting in Canton and going all the way around to Fed Hill area
  • jasmine

    Outdoor yoga here is beautiful
  • Lourdes Lopez-Estrada

    Perfect vacation spot.
  • Jenny Angle

    Enjoy all of it ??
  • Joseph K!
  • Rosstine

    It's a beautiful spot. I just saw a street show.
  • Connie Ramsey

    Great place to get away
  • Chantay Bell

    I love being downtown.
  • Dana Smith

    So many great places to check out, just wish I was here at a warmer time of the year. Wind off the water is brutal in January!
  • Rajkamal Sandhu {#UH} [Tim Beta]

    I have been to Inner Harbor several times. There is lots to do. This time we toured the USS Constellation. The tour was both educational and fun! Well worth the trip. Don't miss it !!!
  • Mike Kulick

    Hit Ripley's for a weird experience, and La Tasca for a tasty one. #aarphunt
  • Erika Stratmann

    Visit the Aquarium in the evening for discounted admission rates! The dolphin show is great!
  • David Gustav

    They shoot canons randomly. Don't freak out when shit starts exploding.
  • Joy Perry

    Baltimore's Inner Harbor is a great place, tourist attraction, locals stay away. Great places to eat, but Pricey, & very crowded.
  • Dorothy Nestor

    Go to the Inner Harbor a great place.
  • The Capital Grille

    Visit the Baltimore World Trade Center's 27th floor to experience a panoramic view of the entire city.
  • Liz Toapanta

    Loved the Aquarium and the Science Center
  • JaSprie Mickens

    Night life #funners
  • Jay Blessed

    Try the caramel pecan cheesecake. Yumm!!!!
  • Jay Blessed

    I'm a big fab of H&M and Baltimore definitely had some amazing finds that I would not have gotten in NY! Stop by the sales and kids rack too!
  • Jay Blessed

    My brunch there was amazing and I am funny about other people's eggs, however, the chef at Brio put his foot in my omelet. LOL Plus their chicken Parmesan is to die for! Indoor outdoor dining.
  • Jay Blessed

    This hotel was as comfortable as its beds, as is walking distance to the stadiums, restaurants and shopping areas. However, the pool is indoors and it is a cesspool of chorine! Swim if you dare!
  • Jay Blessed

    Fast service. Ask for a waterfront view.
  • Jay Blessed

    Gorgeous view.
  • Jay Blessed

    It is such a beautiful and scenic place to visit while in Baltimore with so many options of things to do; museums, shopping, boating, dining, etc.
  • Wagner Moya

    The best spot for unholy people watching in Bmore.
  • Steve Parker

    Love the people watching along the Inner Harbor. The water taxi is a good value & fun to ride.
  • Jordan Smith

    A fantastic place to do your morning run.
  • Sujay Shah

    Great place... to introspect, or let loose!
  • Nicols Fuenzalida Plaza

    Nothing better than a walk by the shore....
  • Melissa Kiwi

    Strolling through the inner harbor is beautiful!!!
  • mikk depriest

    Try MS Grill or Cheesecake Factory for lunch w/a Harbor view
  • Sean Lewis

    Go with a set itinerary Baltimore is pretty crazy
  • Mista Fingaz

    Check out The Fudgery - they sing while they make the times.
  • Lashes

    There a few great restaurants here. Try the Cheesecake Factory! Cheesecake is the bomb!
  • Briana Sahm

    blue angels ships awesome stuff!!!!!!
  • Courtney Carter

    The blue angels are here flying and performing at 3:00!!!
  • Sue C

    Sailabration 2012!
  • Beth Engel

    Amazing sailebration
  • Sarah Gairo

    Great place to just sit and people watch
  • Jamila Loubriel

    Tourists ew.
  • William Thorne

    Beautiful Harbor
  • Lionel Lewis

    Go for a run around the beautiful Inner Harbor.
  • Jessica Goon

    You're not far from Baltimore's famous Inner Harbor. Walk the 10 blocks from the hotel to check out the tall ships, restaurants, shopping & more.
  • Girl Scouts of Central Maryland

    Bid on two passes for a 45 minute harbor cruise from Watermark Cruises and support local Girl Scouts! Online auction begins April 4.
  • Michele Hardwick

    The World Trade Center Is owned by the Maryland Port Administration, which is the State side of the Port of Baltimore.
  • Baltimore Maryland Manager

    Experience the heart of Baltimore from the water. Take a ride on one of the Dragon Boats.
  • A Chronic Complainer

    I Love People Watching!! Fun Times.
  • Alan Gregory

    Fun place to hang out!
  • Bryan Ramos

    Go to federal hill at night for the best view of the city
  • Christopher Lutz

    Great for a romantic night along the water.
  • Brenden Lui

    Check out the steel drum band if you get the chance! They're amazing!
  • Judy Julien

    Apparently the harbor is the safest place in the city since it seems like you can find a cop every few steps.
  • Katie Maltais

    Fabulous H&M store here.
  • Roxd Edison

  • Sarah Kurpel

    John Hopkins Pediatric ER is 2.3 miles away :-)
  • Terry Ennis

    15 Minutes from our Community
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