Oriole Park at Camden Yards

Address: 333 W Camden St
Phone: (410) 333-1560
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  • ESPN

    There are two orange seats here. In right-center, the landing spot of Eddie Murrays 500th home run. In left, the honorary mark of Cal Ripken Jr.s 278th HR ball, the record breaker for shortstops.

    Located beyond right field, the B&O Warehouse is 439 feet from home plate. Built between 1898-1905, the warehouse is the longest building on the East Coast at 1,016 feet (but only 51 feet wide).
  • Sports Authority

    Did you know George Herman "Babe" Ruth was born 2 blocks away from the stadium?
  • The Baltimore Sun

    On a close play, watch the "H" and "E" in our name to see whether it was a hit or an error. Then go behind the box score on Orioles Insider.
  • Glenn Barnett

    You gotta see this field.
  • Jonathan G

    Check out Eutaw St. between the warehouse and the park; the Orioles organization has marked the spots where home runs have landed with small baseball-shaped bronze plaques embedded in the street.
  • Maryland

    2 non-green seats here, where E.Murrays 500 homer landed and where Ripkens 278 homer broke the ss homer record. Btw real fans yell OH when the national anthem hits O say does that star spangled
  • Baltimore Orioles

    Want to taste Oriole Parks signature dish? Visit Boogs BBQ under the green tent behind the CF bleachers on Eutaw Street. And you may get to see Boog Powell in person!
  • Zak Deutsch

    Eat at Boog's BBQ... drink microbrews... yell "OHHHHHHH" during the National Anthem.
  • Rounding Second

    Fans travelling to Baltimore should go to the ballpark and take in the sights. Walk along Eutaw (pronounced Utah) street between the warehouse and the field to pick up some of Boog's BBQ.
  • MLB

    57: Number of homers that have ended up on Eutaw Street. And youll never know when it will happen again.
  • Baltimore Orioles

    Welcome to Camden Yards! Check in using MLB.com At the Ballpark to unlock special offers and explore the stadium right from your phone.
  • Tom McGhan

    As long as your drink is in plastic, non-alcoholic, and unopened, you can take it right on in. Anything else you have to be more creative with ;)
  • Baltimore Orioles

    Did you know there are 2 orange seats at OPACY? One is to honor Eddie Murrays 500th home run, located in the bleachers & the other marks Cal Ripken Jrs record-breaking 278th HR by a shortstop in LF.
  • Ken Burns

    Cal Ripken Jr. often wore his little league uniform to bed so he could be ready for the next days game. To learn more tune in to Ken Burns's 'The Tenth Inning' on Sept. 28 and 29 on PBS.
  • Travel Channel

    et the feel and charm of an old-fashioned park here at the Orioles' home field. Play ball!
  • Jonathan Florio

    Go to the Warehouse Bar in right field. It is there you will find the plaque marking the location of Ken Griffey Jr.'s historic '96 Homerun Derby homer.
  • Micah Kleid

    Before the game, go to Pickles Pub right outside the stadium. Beers are two for $4-5 and you can get a 1/3 lb. Burger across the street at a vendor for $5.
  • Baltimore Orioles

    Dont forget to use MLB.com At Bat on your Android, iPhone, iPad or iPod, BlackBerry or Windows 7 device to follow all the action on the field and around the league while you are at the park.
  • Robert Gaeta

    Great ballpark.. Unbelievable...
  • Mike

    Go for the smell, stay for the lack of home team fans and prepare to bend over and take it on concession prices!
  • Gina Martin

    Top of 300 sections have shade and a breeze for hott summer days!
  • nichole

    If you don't say "OH!" during the national anthem, you're an asshole.
  • Kim Jannsen

    Grab a beer and stroll down Eutaw Street and look down to see the plaques in the walkway showing where homeruns have hit. And don't forget the "OOOOOH!"
  • Andrew Hamilton

    Go to Boog's Barbecue
  • Ryan Oreste

    Great Stadium, reminds me of Fenway. Be sure to check out the left field area and see the home run plaques. Troy O'Leary, Oh yeah!
  • Zack

    great place to see a game. check out boog's bbq or a crab cake and get a beer from Clancy.
  • Operation Orange

    Navigate to Section 96, Row 7, Seat 23 - one of two orange seats in Camden Yards. Now SIT. This seat marks the location where Eddie Murray's 500th home run landed.
  • Chris Weber

    Opening Day!
  • Gina Geppi

  • Operation Orange

    Navigate to Section 86, Row FF, Seat 10 - one of two orange seats in Camden Yards. Now SIT. This seat marks the location where Cal Ripken Jr's 278th homer beat Ernie Banks' record as SS.
  • Operation Orange

    Come join the grassroots Operation Orange team and help us "pack the yard" once a month as we try to recreate Opening Day! Our facebook & twitter links can be found on http://www.packtheyard.com
  • Smithsonian Channel

    From 1906 to 1912, Babe Ruths father owned a saloon that once stood in what is now Camden Yards center field. The Bambino himself was born just two blocks away. (From Aerial America)
  • Jimmy Pruitt

  • Spencer Horsman

    One of the most beautiful ball parks in the country.
  • Rob Sampogna

    Stadium is beautiful & clean but if you can you have to go on a stadium tour! So inexpensive & incredible - see club boxes, press rooms, and even sit in the dugout! Tour guides are so nice & funny!
  • Kim Z

    Sat in the outfield and had a great time.
  • cheryl knauer

    Check in as a designated driver behind home plate b4 the second inning for two free small soda coupons
  • Jennifer Paisley Schuch

    Blue moon stand outside gate 79
  • Gavin Schmidt

    Try not to be too disappointed when your team loses
  • Welcome to College

    You need to visit colleges when the O's will be gracing the beautiful green grass! There isn't a better place for baseball, as well as some excellent colleges.
  • Ching Yu

    If you get there after 6pm and are lucky, you can find street parking nearby for $2/hr. Meters only charge for parking until 8pm, so only pay $4 for parking. Don't pay for outrageous parking fees!
  • Dave Stevenson

    Left field bleachers is where it's at.
  • Erin Monfort

    Ummm...Yes, there are Baltimore fans here today!
  • Gluten Free in Baltimore Maryland

    Go to Charm City Market & get yourself a gluten free crabcake sandwich, a g-free redbridge beer, and enjoy yourself just like all the gluten tolerant folks at The Yard with their beer & food options!
  • Olga-Amina Serriya

    Huge statue
  • Nick DiFrancesco

    Let's go sox!!
  • Oscar Molina

    Fenway south
  • CITYPEEK Patti

    Try a crabcakes & a beer 'tower' at the Marriott across the street.
  • Yair Flicker

    The ramp is the most inefficient way of getting out of this desolate place. Find another way out.
  • Debbie Starr Branfield

    This is an awesome ballpark - a must visit!
  • Dick's Sporting Goods

    On September 6, 1995, Cal Ripken Jr. played in his 2,131st consecutive game and became Major League Baseball's "Ironman", surpassing Lou Gehrig who previously held the record for 56 years.
  • Larry Jones

    For the baltimore experience, go to the natty boh bar and get a boh
  • Cooper Smith

    If you're rolling solo, try to get a ticket with row AAA. I managed to snag one day of and didn't realize until I got to my seat that it was the very first row, on the field.
  • ? ?Desi Stine? ?

    For great seats but is by chance. If you go to box office about hour b4 game you may b able to get tickets behind home plate that r reserved 4 team fam n release tickets not being used n 12-15 rows up
  • Wagner Moya

    Home away from home. Fenway south. Go Sox!
  • Ryan Earle

    Best value for beer: Eutaw Market. $10 for 24 oz
  • Eric O

    If you pick one major league stadium to get to early and walk around, make it this one.
  • Fitness19MD

    Bring in your ticket stub and we wil cut your joining fee in half!!!!
  • Brandon Smith

    Put horseradish on your Boog's BBQ.
  • J.D. Urbach

    First time here? First game? Birthday? Visit one of the three Fan Assistance locations to receive a free certificate customized to commemorate your special day at Oriole Park!
  • Stephanie Bowen

    Go to the Natty Boh Bar before 6:30pm for $5 drafts!
  • John Power

    General Info Link
  • ????Keith Bauer????

    Bring your doucher repellent for all the Redsox fans.
  • Adam E

    Very nice park... Let's win some baseball games baltimore.
  • Olga-Amina Serriya

    Funny drink buttle
  • Olga-Amina Serriya

    Big stadium
  • Russell Gann

    This may be the neatest major league stadium that I've attended. Have the Old Bay CrabCakes!!
  • Somchai Rojana

    The Match : Toronto Blue Jays vs Baltimore Orioles
  • Matt R

    Beautiful ballpark. You can't beat $9 seats because there doesn't seem to be a bad seat in the place.
  • Stadium Journey

    Make a trip to Boog's BBQ for some pit beef, coleslaw and potato chips
  • David Mikel ????

    Go Cleveland kick butt!
  • ? ?Desi Stine? ?

    For afternoon games if you want to avoid baking in the sun get tickets along 3rd baseline because stadium is shaded there; Otherwise bring your 50spf. There are a few other semi shaded areas
  • Doll Baby

    Boog's BBQ is thee best.
  • Mariah Eisman

    If you want healthy option at Camden Yards, FORGET IT!
  • Mark

    Sit on the 3rd base side for the best photo angles (looking at warehouse in RF). The top food is Boog's BBQ on Eutaw St.. Order a beef or turkey sandwich & top it with lots of horseradish & BBQ sauce.
  • Karen String

    The hot dogs are HORRIBLE! I had to refuse 3 hot dogs till it was warmer but I got food poisening that night and bet it was the hot dog. :(
  • Kimberly Andrews

    Phillies tearing it the FUCK up!
  • Madison Levin-Epstein

    Must try Boogs BBQ on Eutaw Street
  • Bill Keown

    Take the train if you can. Parking is usually easy to find, but can be expensive.
  • Sharon Pickeral

    Although when the sox or yanks fans r here its a bit obnoxious....the stadium is beautiful and whho doesn't love baseball?
  • Leland Strott

    Kid's hot dogs, nachos, and soft pretzels are $1.50 but only available at a few concession stands. They're worth seeking out for the savings!
  • Mike Stella

    Buy drinks and peanuts outside the park. They are cheaper and you can bring them in the park!!
  • Joey Cabrera

    Be on the lookout for Mr. Boh around the Natty Boh Bar. You may get to take a picture with him.
  • Brad E.

    Hoegaarden on tap. Why would you drink anything else here?
  • Kyle C.

    One of the greatest ballparks in the MLB. Great blend of old and new stadium styles.
  • Vivian Nguyen

    $5 seats in the 300 section.
  • Jeff Goldscher

    There's an attmans deli here now. Probably not as good as the real thing, but worth checking out.
  • Chris Gunter

    If you are walking up for a night game, sun sets in left field before right.
  • Krista Chester

    Fordham drafts! Search 'em out! Same price as Bud Light and higher ABV. Oh, and root for Mustard!
  • Rich Hauck

    When at Boog's, get beef, not pork, and try out the Boog's sauce. Avoid the Camden burger (good, but crab cake taste competes with the patty). The crab fries are legit.
  • OurTripVideos

    Orioles Social Media Night - Camden Yards, Baltimore, MD, US(Event) - 104 Pictures
  • Joe Wagner

    Last game of season. Go Os.
  • Danny BenDebba

    Great vibe
  • Bohfunk

    Save a few bucks and buy your drink hot dog and peanuts outside and bring them in with you.
  • Somchai Rojana

    The Match: Colorado Rock vs Baltimore Orioles #1.35 PM.
  • Christopher Winnyk

    Stop by Pickles before *and* after coming here!
  • Sports Illustrated

    Does Camden Yards remind you of the movie Major League II? Although the movie was staged to be at Jacobs Field in Cleveland, it was actually filmed in Baltimore!
  • ? ?Desi Stine? ?

    Go O' kick some butt!
  • Lenny Reid

    Natty bohs get em at the stadium with some fries and crab dip
  • Japhy

    If you don't yell "OHHHHHH!!!!!" during The Star Spangled Banner, you did it wrong.
  • Ching Yu

    If you aren't drinking alcohol or you're the designated driver, get a voucher for free small fountain soda. It's a small booth in the concourse behind home plate.
  • Tim Shoobridge

    Bacon on a stick. Get it!
  • Cole Bishop

    In the first inning the Natty Boh Bar has a happy hour deal .
  • Bob M

    Love the crabcake sandwiches and beer
  • Lennar

    Lennar Maryland had a blast at their field trip to a game! So fun!! Be sure to get a hot dog from the white haired man selling them in the stands...he writes "Orioles" in your condiment of choice! :-)
  • Callen Huey

    Interesting how Camden Yards is built. It consists of concrete slabs bolted to a steel structure with the bricks applied to the outer portion of the concrete slabs.
  • The Atlantic Cities

    Camden Yards is a great quirky park, but it may be the last of its kind. Newer knock-offs tend to surround themselves with a sea of parking lots, making the design look contrived and kind of phony.
  • David Clar

    It Should be nice on 8/12/12, my son David & I are going to the game vs. KC. Kids 14 & under run the bases after the game. He will be Happy.
  • ?? Kelsea Cozadd ??

    Don't run onto the field on opening day in a cape....well unless you're aweso
  • Marc Leikach

    Go orioles
  • Chris Heath

    If you want a Boh on draft, don't get it from the Gino's stand. Same as the other drafts.
  • Chris Heath

    If you want a Bo
  • David W.

    This team lost to a community college team with their starters!!!! Orioles suck!!!!
  • Gene Taylor

    root, root, root, for the home team, if they don't win it's........great American Ball Park!!! Sat near the late/great Jim Mckay, great memories......
  • Cracken .

    One of the nicest and one of my favorites. Enjoy the crab cakes, natty boh's, and seventh inning stretch renditions of "Thank God I'm a Country Boy!"
  • Tina Nightlinger

    Camden yards is nice, but they show games during rain delays from when the orioles were good instead of games going on now that matter.
  • Tina Nightlinger

    They shut the taps off during a rain delay. Which is bs because their policy states that it's done at the bottom of the 8th or 3.5 hrs after the start of the game.
  • David Dahl

    Cheer for the White Sox. Even if they're not playing.
  • Sarah Klinefelter

    If you live in the city, take the bus!
  • Megan

    Eat at Boog's! Great BBQ!
  • Ricky Garant

    Red Sox nation out in full force
  • Angie Staub

    Check out the Natty Boh bar near section 32!
  • Joseph Garrett

    Don't expect much from the fat lazy concession workers. Geesh. Service is sloooooooow!
  • Megan Clifford

    Don't let people you don't know sit in your extra seats. They are obnoxious as fuuuu
  • John Power

    Two laps around Camden Yards w/Sports Legend Museum + M&T Bank Stadium is 5K :-)
  • Brent M

    If you are a craft beer lover, be sure to get a Loose Cannon IPA from the bars located behind home plate (both upper and lower deck).
  • Liz Duprey

    Red sox game great stadium!
  • ??????????? ??

    Military get $3 discount per ticket.
  • Matt Phillips

    Don't worry, Nikita's here too
  • Mark Krawczyk

    Get drunk and run out on the field. I hear that's fun!
  • Will Canfield

  • Anna

    Order from the 'Weed & Lemonade' stand. Quite the hidden gem.
  • Maroula Giannaros

    Beautiful park! Try Demseys... any seat is awesome!
  • Brian Trageser

    Orioles! Os!
  • Kendy Chibi

    If you can afford it, get the seat beside home plate, right field. Dugout seats are the best if you want to watch the players come in and out. Pullpen for watching pitchers.
  • Kathy Taylor

    Crab waffle fries from Old Bay are awesome! Go Yankees!
  • Fadra Nally

    Best parking is at the Marriott on S. Eutaw St. Only $20 and so close to the stadium!
  • Nick Thessin

    Don't wear orange. Orange Sucks.
  • Robert Moses

    Awesome ballpark to see a MLB game!
  • Ross Brown

    Drink a cold Natty Boh and enjoy one of the most beautiful places on the planet, Camden Yards.
  • Katy O

    Active duty servicemen and women can show their ID at the fan assistance warehouse and get a free Os hat! $5 off tix for service members too!
  • Donnie H

    Beautiful stadium! Not really a bad seat in the building!
  • Eric Johnson

    Yummy Bacon
  • Kilbert Paz

    Great ballpark
  • DJ Dan :-)

    One of the most beautiful baseball stadiums around. A must see.
  • Joann Hutchinson

    loved it. the food is awesome everything is awesome.
  • Michael Barnstein

    Best hotdogs! And Babe Ruth's dad owned a tavern which is now center field.
  • Randal Powell

    Awesome park
  • Meg Ann

    Club level rocks
  • Alison W

    Great ballpark!
  • Joseph K

  • Joseph K

  • Christopher Eaton

    Safeco Field in Seattle is better then Camden Yards
  • Jen Richards

    Go to stuggys crab Mac and cheese hot dog!
  • Morgan Taylor

    Love coming here for games and seeing our team win. O's fan all the way. Also get the Johnny's sausage.
  • Tom

    Ready for play
  • Randy Garbin

    No cup holders!
  • Somchai Rojana

    The Match : Boston Red Sox vs Baltimore Orioles
  • Somchai Rojana

    The Match: New York Yankees vs Baltimore Orioles
  • Joy Absalon

    Yankees suck! Fourth place fans
  • Somchai Rojana

    The Match: Chicago White Sox vs Baltimore Orioles
  • Chris Kuczynski

    Great game!
  • Stephanie Binetti

    Best park in America! Try to the crab mac and cheese dog at Stuggy's stand.
  • Experience

    You can now upgrade your seats at all Orioles home games! Download the MLB at the Ballpark app to upgrade: http://mlb.mlb.com/ticketing/upgrades.jsp?c_id=bal
  • Debbie Silbert

    $8 for a beer is a bit extreme and then the beer pimps want to keep "the change." So there goes a $10-ski.
  • Samantha Rodriguez

    You can bring outside food!!!! Some of the niceat fans I've encountered, and I was rooting for the opposing team!
  • MaryEllen Coleman

    Great seats at the 200 level
  • Robert Diaz

    Really awesome park and there's a '47 Brand shop, they have the coolest sports tees.
  • Bubba Chinos

    We love the Colorado Rockies
  • Ary Otero

    Section 18 row 29 is not a bad view at all great game
  • Jason Zangari

    $5 Natty boh's before the end of the first inning at the natty boh bar
  • Somchai Rojana

    The Match: Boston Red Sox vs Baltimore Orioles #1.35 PM.
  • Sherry Leslie

    Thank you Chazottes! Love the suite life!!
  • Jennifer Popovich

    you can't have more fun at any other ballpark! The O'S are da best!
  • Jon Sweigart

    Beautiful stadium. First stop our honeymoon trip. July 14, 2013, Orioles won 7-4. Chris Davis hit his 37th homerun. Would definitely go to another Orioles game again. Go O's!!!
  • Kim Brown

    I love to get the waffle fries with crab dip.
  • Joe Wagner

    Love those O's.
  • Island Bruin

    Get there early for Boog's. Line gets really long near game time. Good beer selection at Free State on 3rd base side.
  • Nate

    Take the stairs
  • Scott Kleinberg

    Great energy before the game along the streets leading into the park proper. #BallparkBlitz
  • Debby Butlien

    They have no clue what seltzer !
  • Homer Tyre

    Gotta get Boogs BBQ
  • Somchai Rojana

  • Eric L

    Try the Bacon On A Stick - So good!
  • Gregg

    Go Tribe!!!
  • Dan Wood

    Let's go Orioles! Clap - clap - clapclapclap!
  • Crystal Herbert

    The crab Mac n cheese hot dogs are delicious!!!
  • Laura Faught

    Very pretty to walk around even when the team isn't here.
  • Rob Bishop

    Great old school American baseball stadium that has just been reborn bc of the winning that has come back! get great seats for great value all over the park plus beer all around ya #AMERICA
  • Nicholas Zahn

    Bring food into the park, and eat in the picnic area.
  • Rick Stecker

    All you can eat seats on the Club level - sodas, hot dogs, salads & nachos. $45 per seat.
  • Mannyjr

  • Nicole Levine

    So much fun at the Os game!
  • Teshawn Edmonds

    Come on, you Orioles!
  • Jennifer A

    Don't bother trying to sit in the outfield bar seats...unless you pay
  • Blair Candy Co.

    I don't know about you, but when I'm at the ballpark I love snacking on sunflower seeds!
  • Rick Notari

    The actual baseball part of the experience was great! But if you go when there is a crowd of 35,000-plus it stinks. The service sucked. The ushers were incompetent. And the only beer vendors? C'mon!
  • Will Arnone

    Go Dodgers! Revenge for 1966.
  • Ken Stastny

    Do not order the chicken fingers. Nachos Grande are a good choice.
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